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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does the retrofit cost?
This depends entirely on the size of the facility and the number of lights being replaced. On average you can expect a 2-3 year Return on Investment (ROI) through an LED retrofit and in many cases with the assistance of utility incentives, this timeframe can be reduced to between 1 and 2 years.

How do you determine what the savings will be?
We first determine the amount of KWH (Kilowatt Hour) being used at your facility through a comprehensive physical audit. We then use proprietary software to help us determine the amount you will be savings through a Lumenor LED retrofit. Once we design the appropriate lighting solution, the retrofit takes place and immediate savings begin.

Will the lighting be the same?
LED lighting is considered more efficient than conventional lighting and there are many different solutions available for your specific lighting needs such as Color and CRI (see glossary). Many times a simple reduction in the number of fixtures will provide a more comfortable lighting environment while reducing your energy consumption.

Will this reduce our maintenance cost?
Absolutely! LED technology works differently than your standard light bulbs. Not only will the longer lasting lights reduce the need to replace lighting, but for linear LED tubes we require no more ballasts to replace as the tubes run direct feed.

Are there seasons where I will see larger savings?
In annual warmer weather areas YES! Since LED technology runs cooler to the touch than typical fluorescent lighting, during summertime months in warm weather areas standard lights are producing excess heat which requires additional A/C loads... LED's reduce the A/C load required to cool the same area and results in greater savings through a reduction in A/C usage.

What is the lifespan of LED's?
The expected lifespan of an LED depends on the way in which it is used. For the most part 50,000 hours can be expected (and most warranties cover this time frame) but since the industry is constantly advancing, this number is expected to increase. As such... the hours may increase in the near term.

What are the financial benefits to retrofitting my premises?
The single most important benefit is the reduction in your monthly energy bills which you will see once the retrofit is complete. There is a reduction in maintenance costs from the longer life of LED technology and therefore less bulb changes are required. If your building is a commercial property you may qualify for IRS rule 179D which offers a $0.60 cent per square foot deduction accelerated to year one for the entire cost of the retrofit. You will also have a significant and immediate reduction in the cost of related air conditioning expenses and a reduction in A/C consumption by up to 25% thereby reducing overall energy use.

How does retrofitting help the environment?
By retrofitting your facility with energy efficient lighting you help reduce your overall carbon footprint. The U.S. Dept. of Energy offers multiple calculations and references to determine how your reduction in KWH usage will affect the environment and we offer the same through our comprehensive audit.

When does installation begin?
Once your entity agrees to proceed and the material is ordered we establish a schedule that meets your working environment. We will always arrange audits and retrofits at times that are acceptable to you and your staff.

What do we need to get started?
Simply contact a Lumenor Energy Services® representative and fill out our application. Once we complete a physical audit of your premises, we are able to determine the best solution for your needs.


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