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Panel Light

Lumenor Energy Services® manufactures best-in-class affordable LED fluorescent replacement technology for use in retrofits of stairwells, garages, office lighting, retail, hospitality, residential and commercial applications. This is one of the highest rated, LM79 and LM80 tested, DLC listed fixtures on the market today.

Retroffiting with this fixture offers a major reduction in energy usage for the same hours of operation, increased savings through reduced maintenance due to the longer anticipated lifespan of LED technology. 50%-65% more efficient than fluorescent tubes. No more disposal of hazardous mercury.


Features & Specifications:

  • 50,000 hour life expectancy, 5.7 years at 24/7 and 11.4 years a t 12/7
  • Voltage range 100-277v · Power Factor > 0.9
  • Available in 1x4, 2x2, 2x4
  • Mercury and Lead Free
  • Binned diodes for color uniformity
  • Electronically tracked item should future replacement or servicing be required
  • UV Free won't fade furniture or walls
  • Beam Angle 150
  • Operation Temp: -40~ 40°C (-40~104°F)
  • Dimmable: No (optional for 0~10V dimmable)
LES-Panel Light


Easy Installation:

  • Full installation instructions for proper installation by qualified personnel.
  • Suspension/Wall Mount
  • Recessed/Ceiling Mount



  • 5 year warranty available
  • Federal, State, & Local Rebates and Incentives available if qualified.


Benefits of Led:

Reduction In

  • Monthly Cost of Lighting
  • Wattage
  • Maintenance
  • Carbon Footprint
  • A/C Load


Increase In

  • Net Operating Income
  • Increased Cash Flow
  • Buildings CAP Rate


LES Specifications:
Model# Light Output Watts CCT Efficacy CRI PF THD
LES-1X4PNL-WW-40W 3495 38W 3K/5K 91.97Lm/W 83 .92 17
3,861.7 39.5W 4K/5K 97.76 Lm/W 83 .93 16
LES-2X2PNL-WW-60W 5035.77 58W 3K/5K 86.8Lm/W 84 .92 17.5
LES-2X4PNL-WW-50W 4948.60 55W 3K/4K/5K 89.97Lm/W 83 .93 17.5
LES-2X4PNL-CW-75W 6530 75.2W 5100K 86.8Lm/W 83 .96 12.5

LES-Panel Light


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