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Energy Efficient Services
Refrigeration shade


Save energy and preserve food quality.


How does it work?

Refrigeration shades save energy by not allowing cold air inside the display case to escape into the selling area. When cold air escapes, it is replaced by warmer air in the selling area and the display case drives the compressor to re-cool the case. This results in continued energy waste and overworking the compressor. This also results in shorter case life. The aluminum fiber material used in the shades reflect heat away from the case, while at the same time not allowing cold air to escape.


Benefits of using Refrigeration Shades

  • Energy savings from 25% - 35%
  • No condensation
  • Durable and reliable construction
  • Minimum maintenance required
  • Easy Installation
  • Helps preserve food quality and safety
  • Keeps product temperature constant





The Green Mini-Mart

You know the feeling. You’re running into a mini-mart, grocery store or drug store on your way home. It’s probably ninety degrees out, maybe more. The first step inside is a relief thanks to the wonders of air conditioning. But by the time you’ve made it over to the cold drinks, milk or meat, you’re starting to shiver thanks to the open refrigeration units.

Sure, you want your drinks cold, but every shiver is a waste of money, as well as damage to the environment. You could install doors, but that requires refitting your entire store and creates a hassle for customers. What you need is something that’s out of the way when customers are trying to eagerly grab things off your shelves, but keeps that expensive cool air in when nobody’s shopping. The easiest solution is to install refrigeration shades. These shades can be lowered over your open refrigeration cases to keep cold air in. They require minimal work to install and can go right over your existing cold cases.

To go with your new shades, consider switching from fluorescent lighting to LED lighting. LED lights cost less to run, generate less heat, and are better for the environment. It’s another easy change that makes your store greener and less expensive to maintain at the same time. Both improvements will pay for themselves quickly and begin saving you money.


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